Is a Faith-based Addiction Treatment Facility Right For You or Your Loved One?

Finding the right alcohol and drug treatment and recovery program for you or a loved one is no easy task. The search becomes more complicated if you are looking for a Christ-centered or faith-based program where the patient’s faith leads their journey to recovery. 

In our society spirituality is at the core of many families. So spiritual beliefs can be powerful motivators in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction. If you or someone you love is a Christian looking for help to win the battle against alcohol or drug addiction, if you keep the following in mind it will help in your search for a faith-based rehabilitation program.

Christians are better helped by a rehab center that integrates teachings from the Bible into their program delivery. Every treatment facility’s approach to faith-based methods vary. It is critical that the treatment options are well-aligned with your religious beliefs and are customized to your unique needs. 

Since the patient’s spiritual beliefs will be at the center of a faith-based rehabilitation, the patient has chance to fully surrender their struggles with addiction at the feet of God who is all-powerful and cultivate fellowship with other Christians. 

In general, faith-based rehab programs seamlessly combine their spiritual components of the therapy with evidence-based therapy methods. This integrated style of treatment provides an opportunity to achieve healing in a profound and spiritual manner. Experience shows that when people surrenders their addiction and struggles to a power higher than themselves, it strengthens their resolve to find healing from the addiction, and also help them from back sliding into the old patterns of substance abuse. Patients who join faith-based centers that support their religious beliefs experience healing in a way that is impactful and long-lasting. They often achieve a sense of freedom and restoration that they may not get from a general program.

Each addiction treatment and recovery facility that uses faith-based treatment approach is different in how they organize their interventions. But, most will have a combination the following components:

  • Daily prayer, worship services
  • Bible study groups
  • Meetings with pastors, priests, or chaplains
  • Bible journaling 
  • Adult coloring with scriptures 
  • Meditation
  • Therapy sessions with Christian counselors
  • Group sessions led by a Christian counselors

Before committing yourself or someone you love to a faith-based treatment facility, it is also important to ask questions to find out specific routines to see if you are okay with them. For example, some centers will require prayer or worship services at specific times. Some will require attendance. 

Above all, please pray for God’s guidance to lead you to make the right decision and to guide you in the recovery journey.