Alcohol: America’s No. 1 Problem

When we think of addiction, drugs and alcohol are likely the first two things that come to mind. And, especially amid the opioid epidemic that has spread across the globe. But, addiction is not just specific in nature to drugs…

In fact, alcohol is actually what the No. 1 problem in America is. Rather it is because of stress, just because that is all they have ever known or some other various reason – several people around the world turn to alcohol to help them “solve” their problems.

But, many people also do this in silence.

An estimated 16 million people in the United States alone can be diagnosed with Alcohol Use Disorder, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcholism.

Alcoholism is such a common issue among our population because:

  1. It is easily and readily available.
  2. The age of onset for most people.
  3. The societal acceptance of alcohol as a whole.

Underage drinking also greatly contributes to the issue of alcoholism in our society. All too often, young people get a hold of alcohol and abuse it. And, sadly, they grow to have a dependence on this toxic substance.

Of course, there is an age restriction on alcohol, but that doesn’t stop most people from finding a way…

So, with it being such an evident problem in our society, it is important to know how you can help protect those you know and love.

Here are a few signs that someone you know might have a problem with alcohol:

  1. They just can’t put the bottle down.

    This seems like an obvious sign, but it might actually be one that is more subtle. Someone might have an alcohol problem if they don’t know when it is time to call it quits.

    For example, every time you go out they are always the friend that drinks too much.

  2. They have been in legal trouble as a result of their alcohol.

    Even the smallest of problems can be detected with a DUI. Oftentimes, people who drink frequently become comfortable with themselves in that state.

    And, as a result, they often feel comfortable enough to drive… Drunk.

  3. They have hurt themselves or someone else while drinking. 

    It might be one too many bar fights, or it might be domestic abuse. But, if violence and alcohol are involved – and especially if the incident has happened on several occasions – then it is likely that the common denominator is the cause…

Alcohol might appear as just a social thing, but it can easily become a real problem.

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